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Teens Playing a Lot of Fortnite, But it Could be a Good Thing

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

The National Research Group (NRG) recently put out a study about how much time teens are spending playing Fortnite. Their findings show teens from 10-17 years old who play once a week, spend around 25% of their total free time on Fortnite. A key factor in why Fortnite has more than 250 million active users is their immersive experience.

The article discusses Fortnite having three areas which creates an immersive gaming experience: social connection, a worthwhile experience, and fun to use.

Fortnite users feel safe to be their authentic selves when they play. They are not picked on or bullied when they play Fortnite. Users feel an increase in confidence. They are accepted and connect with other like-minded people. They feel they are not alone. On the flip side, NRG found social media platforms were 12% more likely to make users feel isolated and lonely.

NRG looked at what Internet activities were having a positive impact on their lives. The majority of users reported YouTube and Fortnite had the most positive impact on their lives and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat had the least positive impact.

NRG found playing Fortnite was worth the user’s time. Fortnite users enjoyed how they could interact in the game and control their environments. They also discussed how they enjoyed how they could escape from problems. When they play Fortnite, life problems drift away because of the positive immersive experience of the game.

Fortnite is taking over the gaming industry. The positive immersive experience is something many gaming companies can learn from. Yes, kids are spending more time on Fortnite. But it sounds like it is adding value to their lives. Some big take-a-ways from the study are: Fortnite users can be their true selves, feel part of a supportive community, and have a fun way to relieve stress. These are all positives! Fortnite is a positive immersive environment. Maybe that’s the problem though.

Maybe kids become so comfortable with Fortnite, an online world, they spend all their extra time online. They become so immersed in this world, they neglect their real-life responsibilities. They never try to meet new people or try new things because they love being comfortable – which is found in Fortnite. Rather than trying to work through stress or address a problem, they get in the habit of escaping online rather than trying to resolve their pain. Maybe people become addicted to that immersive online experience.

I think Fortnite in moderation is okay. I honestly think Fortnite can add value to someone’s life. I do think it should be monitored though. Like any good thing, too much of it could be bad. As adults, we enjoy wine to help us take a break from a long day. But getting drunk every night is unhealthy. Don’t get drunk on Fortnite every night. Enjoy it, but use in moderation.


Here is the information from the NRG:



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