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For Parents

Does it seem like your son or daughter is obsessed with screens? Are they always playing Fortnite? Are they constantly checking Instagram? Does it seem like screens have taken over your teen's life?

Rather than adding value to their life, you have seen screen time has taken away from your teen's life.

They would rather stay home and play video games than go out with friends. They become almost hostile when you threaten to take away their phones.


They used to enjoy sports and other activities, but now they only want to be on a screen. And their grades are horrible! It’s like they don't even care about doing assignments.

Parents and Teens

Your teen has so much potential, but they are too focused on screen use to reach it. It’s like their entire world revolves around screens. It's sad to see them waste their potential.


How do you respond? You tried to implement consequences, but they become so angry you have become exhausted arguing. When you do implement consequences, it seems like they always finds a way around it. It's impossible to set boundaries on technology because they know more than we do!

You tried countless times to reinforce rules and boundaries with screen time, but it is a losing battle. Nothing seems to make a difference. You're exhausted, frustrated, and out of ideas.

There is Hope...

The team at specializes in working with clients like your child. They know where your child is coming from and the desire to be on screens all the time. counselors are leaders in the field of helping address problematic and addictive screen use.

If your son or daughter is struggling problematic gaming, social media use, pornography use, or any other screen-related problem, call


What Your Child Will Gain From Counseling

Your child will gain the following from counseling at

  • Insights on the issues they are experiencing and how to overcome them

  • Practical ways to stop problematic screen use 

  • Effective ways to improve their grades and perform better in school 

  • Ways to improve relationships with family and friends

  • Opportunity to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression


Your child will find ways to enjoy life and be fully present rather than only finding satisfaction from screens. 


What You Will Gain From Counseling

You as the parent(s) will gain the following from counseling at

  • Parenting tools to help your child go from problematic to healthy screen use

  • Understanding of effective ways to build your relationship with your child

  • Knowledge to better support and guide healthy screen use

  • Learn about your child's perspective and why they enjoy their screen time so much

  • When and how to enforce screen time boundaries


From the counseling process, you will have a safe place to improve your child's digital and emotional well-being.

If you have questions or are unsure if counseling is the best fit for you and your family, call for a free 15-minute consultation.

Unsure what to do with social media as a parent? Learn about healthy social media use for your child with these frequently asked questions.

Check out the Powered Up Parent Program to level up your parenting with kids who play video games!

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