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About is a counseling practice for those struggling with an Internet addiction or problematic screen use.

Outside of problematic screen use, clients benefit from one on one support to reach their mental health goals.


Whether it’s video games, social media, pornography, gambling, shopping, virtual reality, or any other online activity, helps clients strengthen relationships, improve marriages, manage stress, stop problematic screen use, and improve tech-life balance.

We look beyond someone's problematic or addictive screen use and works to understand what makes up that person. We learn about our clients and helps them better understand themselves.

There can be a lot of shame and guilt associated with internet addictions. We provide an empathetic, non-judgmental presence to help clients work towards their goals.

Explore services and types of screen activities to see how you can experience healthy screen use.

The Counseling Experience

  • Gain understanding of complex feelings and emotions.

  • Find insights and clarity in understanding own actions and behaviors.

  • Have a safe place to talk about any thoughts or emotions without judgement.

  • Challenge negative thoughts and improve positive-self talk.

  • Find and implement positive coping skills for anxiety, depression, stress, and life's challenges.

  • Improve problem-solving skills.


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Confidential Telehealth Counseling

Can't meet in the office? provides HIPAA complaint online counseling for anyone living in Texas.

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