is a counseling practice for those struggling with an Internet addiction or screen-related problem.


Whether it’s too much video games, social media, pornography, gambling, shopping, virtual reality, or any other online activity, Jeremy can help you obtain a more fulfilling life not controlled by screens.

Jeremy looks beyond someones problematic or addictive Internet use and works to understand what makes up that person. He learns about his clients and helps them better understand themselves.

There can be a lot of shame and guilt associated with internet addictions. Jeremy provides an empathetic, non-judgmental presence to help his clients work towards their goals.

Explore services and types of Internet addictions.

About Jeremy Edge, LPC

Jeremy is a licensed professional counselor with over six years of experience working with adults, teens, and children in various settings, including ADAPT of Missouri and Every Child’s Hope as well as in private practice.

After personally experiencing the negative effects of addictive gaming, Jeremy devoted his work to helping those recover from Internet addictions. He is passionate about helping teenagers and adults in the Dallas area obtain a more fulfilling life away from screens.


He helps strengthen family relationships and gives parents tools to address problematic Internet use. Couples explore challenges in their relationship and find ways to better love and support each other. Jeremy provides a safe space for those struggling with Internet addictions to find ways to meet their goals. 


Jeremy also enjoys teaching counselors, teachers, and parents about Internet addictions. Outside of Internet addictions, Jeremy works well with males suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and overall stress.

Jeremy is married to a local pediatrician. They have a beautiful daughter, a handsome son, and an okay looking dog. Just kidding. Their dog is really cute too.



  • Individuals struggling with problematic and addictive gaming

  • Ages 13+

  • Males


  • Master of Arts in Counseling from UT San Antonio

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UT Tyler

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Confidential Video Counseling provides HIPAA complaint online counseling for anyone living in Texas.

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Looking for resources on Internet addictions? Check out the resource page! 

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