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Counseling For Men

Counseling for Men

You do a lot. You have a successful career, are happily married (for the most part), and have great kids. On the surface, everything is great. You’re kicking ass at life! But the pressure is getting to you.


You’ve noticed you’re starting to hate your job. It pays well, but that’s about it. You’re not appreciated for all you do for your company. Others seem to get the recognition you deserve. You start to resent your co-workers, boss, and mostly everyone you interact with. You used to enjoy traveling but now it’s a burden. There are no other options that pays as much as you’re making now. So, you stay.


Meanwhile, at home, you’ve noticed a shift. You love your family, but it seems like nothing you do is enough. After working more than 9 hours each day, you’re expected to engage in family activities. Be engaged in your son’s soccer practices and daughter’s band recitals. Be engaged in conversations about your wife’s volunteer work that you don’t really understand. But all you want to do is disengage. You’re so tired all the time, all you want to do is zone out and watch Netflix or play some video games. You work hard. You deserve a break.


You’ve started to become frustrated with your spouse. You shower her with gifts, say heart-felt words of praise, take out the trash willingly, have meaningful dates, and give her at least one hug and kiss in the morning and evening. Hell, you’re doing all of the 5 Love Languages things and she still doesn’t want to have sex with you! What gives?!

You’ve been using porn to compensate for the lack of intimacy with your spouse. You know you shouldn’t but it’s the only way to get your needs met. You wouldn’t use it if your wife had sex with you more often. Plus, you can stop at any time. But, on the rare occasion your wife wants to have sex, you struggle with some Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It doesn’t make sense because you’re healthy and never had ED before. The only thing that’s changed is increased porn use. That and playing video games.


With the stress and frustrations from work and home, you look for an escape. Besides porn, playing video games give you a lot of joy. You can escape from your problems. Rather than using games just as a hobby, you’ve been focusing more of your time and energy on your games. You’ve started to care more about playing games than being with your family. It makes sense too because your family doesn’t value you.


You wish things were different. You wish your job didn’t suck so bad. You wish you enjoyed going home to your family. You wish you wouldn’t think about porn and video games so much. You want life to be better. But don’t know where to start.


Counseling at is a good place to start. No matter what your life looks like or what you think and feel, you will not be judged. The counselors will meet you where you are and help you reach your goals. Whether it’s improving the overall quality of life, stop using porn, improve family relationships, or engage in healthy gaming, counseling can help.


If you are a guy looking for counseling, is a good place to start. Call for a free 15 minute consultation to see if it's a good fit.

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