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Individual Counseling

The activity of going on the Internet is an isolating experience. You might be talking with other people online, but you are physically looking at and engaging with a screen. Time spent doing Internet activities physically keeps us away from others. The Internet tries to help us connect, but it can make us feel alone.

Internet activities not only isolate us, they can keep us coming back to that same activity over and over again. We may truly want to stop looking at pornography, but we continue to go back to it. We know it’s causing problems in our relationships, but we continue to do it. Pornography use isolates us from those we love.

Gaming can feel the same way. We might see a game that looks fun, check it out, then before we know it, we are failing our classes because we spend all our time gaming. With the types of games out today, it’s easy to play all the time because they are created for that. With how in-depth the games are, how can anyone NOT think about their games all the time?


So, what do we do about this? How do we respond to our problematic screen use? We can ignore it or say to ourselves, “It’s not that big of a deal.” We can blame others and say they caused this. We can also make excuses, saying we haven’t had time to address it. We may feel too ashamed to talk about these struggles. We may do nothing. A huge part of us may not even want to stop the behavior. After all, it feels good. All of these responses are completely natural. provides a comfortable environment for you to find ways to be free from problematic screen use. Without judgement, you can fully think about and understand reasons for repeatedly going back to this activity. You determine what you want to work on in counseling and learn practical steps to reach those goals.

A key part in counseling at is to form a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship. Jeremy and his team knows the importance of feeling truly connected to others and that is what is provided in each counseling session. Once you feel understood and heard, then you have the opportunity to safely explore your road of recovery. The Internet can be an isolating place, but you are not alone.

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