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Parenting Sessions

Parents are responsible for the next generation. They are in charge of raising their children to be the best version of themselves. Parents have the extremely hard job of enforcing rules and boundaries so their children can do that for themselves when they grow up. Parents have a lot on their shoulders, and it can feel overwhelming to know how to parent. Especially in a world that is changing as fast as the technology in it. 

When you throw in the complexities the Internet provides, it can feel impossible to know how to parent effectively. How much is too much time online? How do I control or limit my child's screen time? How do I know what my kids are doing online? What are all these new apps and who are they talking to? Why is it that all of a sudden they want to have nothing to do with me, or anyone else, and only play a video game? What makes those games so interesting anyways? I don't get it! What do I do?

With all these questions and concerns, it's completely natural to feel overwhelmed. Effective parenting can feel like trying to catch a lightning bug. You have glimpse of hope and feel confident in your parenting. You get close to effective parenting. But then it goes dark, real fast, and you feel all the progress made was for nothing. You're left standing there thinking, I was so close. Effective parenting does not have to elude you any longer.

sabine-van-straaten-345853-unsplash.jpg provides parenting sessions to specifically help parents reach their parenting goals. The therapists help parents find answers to the questions plaguing them about how to navigate technology with their teenagers. Parents learn what they are doing that is working and what they can change to help them reach their parenting goals. Parents can feel alone in their struggle to manage technology with their kids. The therapists at offer unconditional support to help parents find the confidence and understanding needed to be the parents they want to be. Give yourself permission to find ways to reach your parenting goals.

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