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Family Counseling


Families have it rough. They are made up of individuals who want to do their own thing and satisfy their own needs. When you have multiple individuals, all trying to meet their own needs, there can be conflict. Families have the fun job of learning how to help the individuals get along and try to meet each other's needs rather than only focusing on themselves.

There are a great number of challenges families face specifically in the online world. It's far more interesting to look up the hottest trends on Pinterest rather than have a conversation with your teenage son about grades which will probably turn into an argument because he refuses to turn in his homework. Why have a family meal together when you know everyone will be on their phone and not interacting with each other? And how come your child refuses to go outside to play but only wants to play video games online with his friends? 

A core piece that makes up healthy families are healthy relationships. The Internet can help bring families closer together thanks to apps like FaceTime and games that encourage conversation and relationship building. But many online activities keep family members isolated from each other.

It's very easy for your kids to not say a word to you the moment they jump online to play Fortnite. Social media platforms make it easy for family members to focus on online relationships rather than in-person relationships with their family.

Family counseling at in Dallas, Texas, provides a way to build healthy relationships. Families will walk away knowing how to better connect with each other rather than to a device. Relationships will be strengthened through learning how to better connect with each other rather than relying on Internet activities for connection. Just because we all use the Internet in many aspects of our lives, does not mean our family relationships have to suffer.

Families will learn how to effectively communicate with each other. They will learn to hear each other's needs and find ways to meet those needs. Every family member wants to be heard and understood. When we don't feel understood, it's common to look for connections online. Family counseling allows every member a place to understand each other. Rather than relying on the Internet to meet our family needs, family counseling helps them meet each other's needs.

The therapists at knows the importance of healthy family relationships and how problematic screen use can get in the way those relationships. Family relationships do not have to suffer just because of technology. It is possible for you to have healthy family relationships even with the Internet being what it is. Problematic screen use does not have to control the health of your family. Healthy relationships are within reach.

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