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TV Interviews

Will AI replace counselors?

Ideas on unplugging from technology

Daniel Echols, LPC interview with Spectrum News!

Tips for parents trying to approach their kids on gaming

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Parenting tips and ideas for social media use with your kids!


Learn the hidden dangers of TikTok, social media, and Google with ways to keep your kids safe!

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Learn about 4 tips to better manage your screen use!

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Additional Interviews

Featured Podcasts


Disarming DATA: Digital Experts, Decoded

With David and Paige Biderman

Episode 12: Responsible Online Gambling and Gaming

disarming data image.jpg

What the Feels

With Bryna Talamantez

Episode 14: Turning Red with Jeremy Edge


No App for Life

With Joni Siani

The Harms: Episode 2 - Meet Mason Bogard and Eric Robison 


The Millennial Life Podcast 

With Liz Higgins

Episode 3: Tech Talk: What To Do When It Gets In The Way


America Offline

With David Klein

Episode 9: Gaming, gambling, porn & shopping with Jeremy Edge, LPC



With Pat McAndrew

Break Free of Confinement and Control with Jeremy Edge: Episode 084

Relate podcast with Patrick.jpg

Technology for Mindfulness

With Robert Plotkins

73: Jeremy Edge - Breaking Video Game Addiction

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