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I love you! I love you not. I love you! I love you not. I love you, but this has got to stop! Couples can feel like they are going back and forth with their love for each other. One day things are great and each of you loves the other more than you can describe. The next day can feel like the world turned upside down and you can't stand to be around your partner.

There can be many things that get in the way of a healthy romantic relationship. Many forces are competing for you and your spouse's attention. One factor that can keep you from a healthy relationship is turning to the Internet when upset. When we are frustrated with our spouse, it is easy to find comfort from those online. Internet activities can be an easy thing to turn to when we are feeling isolated and misunderstood. Rather than turning towards your spouse to work through these challenges, it's common to turn to the Internet.

Another factor that can get in the way of a healthy romantic relationship is an Internet addiction. It's natural to feel hurt and confused with your partner's problematic Internet use. You do everything you can to support and love your spouse, but they still put gaming before you. You look forward to spending a romantic evening with your spouse, but all they want to do is play video games. Or you could feel betrayed and angry when you learn your partner is still viewing pornography. For years, your partner says they will stop looking at porn. But time and time again, you find out they have not stopped. Just last week you felt you both were on the same page and really felt connected. Why would they need to look at porn when they have you?

Is there hope for the relationship when there is an Internet addiction? How can a couple move towards each other rather than away? Is it possible to not only forgive your partner but learn to genuinely care for and love them again? It may seem the relationship is hopeless, but if you and your partner are willing to work for the relationship and each other, change is possible. Couples counseling at ESCAPINGTHE.COM with Jeremy can provide you and your partner not only hope for the relationship, but actual change.

You and your partner will gain understanding on how to move towards each other rather than away. You will learn more about your partner and find practical ways to better love each other. Both will learn how to better listen and meet each other's needs rather than letting the Internet meet those needs. Couples counseling gives you both a place to explore barriers keeping you apart. You will learn practical ways to break down those barriers and create new strategies that strengthens communication and trust. Don't let the Internet keep you from connecting with your spouse. Make an appointment with Jeremy to find ways to disconnect from the Internet and connect with your partner. 

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