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Online Shopping Addiction

Shopping is a fun pastime. We used to make a day of it. We would go to our favorite store, check out the sales in the back, “Ooh” and “Aah” over the new things they have, and just browse. It was great to relieve stress, take a break from everyday life, and treat yourself to something special. Rather than going to a store during business hours, you can shop online anytime, anywhere for nearly anything. Sometimes for a better price. All thanks to Amazon and the Internet.


What started off as looking for things you need around the house, turned into looking for things you want. You get on Amazon with the intent to buy some extra towels. As you go to check-out you notice the deal of the day is that new blender you have had your eye on for a while. That’s an easy purchase because yours is on the fritz anyway. You continue to browse and see a few more things you would like to make the house more inviting. You buy the items using Amazon’s “Buy now with 1-Click” feature and don’t think about the cost. You and your spouse do well for yourselves. You both deserve to buy what you like.


You feel a little rush of excitement when your items arrive in the mail. You feel satisfied as you unpack and store your purchases. At least for a little while. You have the faintest desire to see what else is on sale on Amazon that day. Surely a little peek won’t hurt. You look online and can’t believe what you see on the main page. It’s that piece of furniture that would go perfect in your guest room, and it’s half off! With your heart rate slightly increased, you think, “We have been wanting to make some changes to that room for a while. Now is a good time to do it.” And with one click, it’s on its way.


Your spouse notices there have been an abnormally high number of boxes arriving at the house recently. There is concern and some frustration in their voice. You explain they are things you need for the house and tell them not to worry. Your spouse says an off-hand remark about your spending but you are not concerned. You think, “What is wrong about making our home a nice place for our family?” You feel indignation, but part of you feels your spouse has a point.


You find yourself getting more and more excitement from shopping online. You find yourself spending hours online and neglect your responsibilities. You have a hard time justifying your purchases, but you don’t care anymore. Your heart has hardened towards your spouse because they don’t understand you. You don’t care if they are upset by your purchases. You work hard, and you deserve these things. But the more you buy, the more anxious and depressed you become.


If problematic shopping has taken control of your life, call Jeremy. You can find enjoyable pastimes that give your life value rather than leaving you wanting more. You can find ways to be satisfied with what you have and with yourself. You can learn ways to improve your relationship with your partner and heal those broken relationships around you. You can stop your shopping problem. Start the process now with one call.

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