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Gambling Disorder

We like to do things that are exciting and a little risky. We get a rush when we experience something exciting and we want to do it again. When we engage in, and enjoy, a risky behavior, we want to do it more too. Gambling offers excitement and risk. But it leaves us wanting more.

You have prospered by taking risks. Growing up, you were terrified, but you walked right up to that girl you liked and asked her out. You could have been rejected, but you weren’t. Part of you enjoyed that nerve-racking experience. It encouraged you to take similar risks in the future. 

You enjoyed the excitement of winning. You were competitive and loved learning ways to beat the other team. Each game had a certain level of uncertainty. Sure, you and your team practiced hard, but there was no guarantee of victory. There was a chance of defeat, but that is part of what spurred you on to play your best. And when you lost, it was crushing. You hated that feeling. You wanted nothing more than to play again and win. Because that feeling of winning was like no other. It was a high. Gambling offers a similar experience.

Gambling offers excitement and risk. You have to put money on the line and there is no guarantee you will win. You have a chance to gain more than what you had before. In an instant, your financial well-being could exponentially increase. Okay, so you could lose a few bucks. But, the chance to hit the jackpot is too tempting to pass up. Someone has to win, right?

When gambling, it is a rush of excitement when you win. Your boring work day is completely out of your mind the moment you start gambling. The potential of losing, the possibility of winning, and the uncertainty of the outcome is intoxicating. Every gamble is the chance to win. Every role of the dice is different. Every hand has the potential for a huge profit. Every gamble makes you feel alive.


But over time, your gambling has taken a turn for the worse. You maxed out your credit cards. Your work suffered. Your relationships are non-existent. Nothing else brings you as much pleasure as gambling. You are irritable and angry when you can’t gamble. All you think about is how and when you will gamble next. You tried to stop but can’t. You lied to others on how much you were gambling and justified it by saying, “I just do it for fun.” Meanwhile you are in debt, your spouse wants a divorce, and you can’t hold down a job.

What started off as a fun pastime, has now become something you have no control over. You feel your family and friends don’t understand. You feel alone and desperate. You’re tired of asking others for money and lying about why you need it. You feel no one could possibly understand why you would spend all this money on gambling. Counseling can be a good place to recover from this place.

Jeremy can help you work through your gambling problem. You will experience acceptance and support the moment you walk into his office. You will learn positive ways to have excitement and risk in your life that brings you health rather than problems. You will learn ways to strengthen your relationships and gain the support you need. Your bank account will start to turn from red to black. You can reach your goal to stop gambling. Call Jeremy to set up an appointment today.

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