Counseling Services

Through individual counseling, clients explore and work through challenges related to their Internet addiction. Jeremy provides unconditional support to help clients reach their goals. Those who are motivated to work to see the change they want will greatly benefit from individual counseling at

Family counseling is highly recommended for clients 18 years and younger. There are many issues families face when a family member struggles with an Internet addiction. Family counseling works to strengthen communication, gain understanding on each other's perspectives, work through frustrations, and build positive long-lasting relationships.

Parents can feel like pulling their hair out when it comes to managing their teen's Internet usage. Parenting sessions allow parents to learn practical tools to manage their children's Internet usage. They also will gain insights on how to better support their children in this tech-saturated world.

Online Counseling

If you are unable to meet at our office, offers online video counseling. Individual, family, couples, and parenting counseling sessions are all available through confidential online counseling.

Populations Served


Teenagers spend a lot of time on the Internet. They communicate with friends and find entertainment through the online world. It's also a common place for teens to go when they feel stressed. Jeremy helps teens, 13 and older, to find a joyful life that is not dependent on screens.

Parents have the incredibly difficult job of mentoring and managing healthy screen use. At, parents are given tools, resources, and ideas to navigate healthy screen use for their kids.

Mother and Child

Young Adults

Young adults have a huge responsibility of making a positive transition from child to adult. Online activities can distract many from accomplishing that goal. It can be easy for an Internet addiction to take over a young adult's life. Counseling at can help young adults navigate life free from the grips of an Internet addiction.

For men, it's hard to get help. When challenges happen, we are taught to suck it up and be stronger. We can become stronger through counseling. In counseling, you can face and work through challenges to can become stronger, more resilient, and healthier. Call Jeremy to become stronger. 


Adults are expected to have their life together. Have a good career, a nice family, and be a contributing member to society. With all that stress, we find relief online. But sometimes we become consumed by the pleasures of the online world. If your only source of satisfaction if from the Internet, make an appointment with Jeremy.