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Social Media Addiction

We all want friends. Social media platforms can help us feel connected to others. We can see what others are up to, chat with friends, and check out what’s trending. Social media allows us to connect with others when we can’t, or won’t, connect in real life.


You log onto Facebook and start scrolling. You see a funny video of some pets doing human things. You read our cousin's post about some political movement and want nothing to do with it. You see some photos of an old classmate who just got married and think, “They look great! I wish I could have gone to their wedding.”


The more you scroll, the more you feel isolated. Rather than seeing all these people and feeling part of their lives, you start to compare your own life to theirs. You think, “When will I ever find the right person to marry? Why don’t I have a career that is satisfying? Why does everyone else have a great life and mine sucks?”


The more you compare your life to those on social media, the more depressed you become. You worry about how this next date will go because all your friends are married and you feel pressure to follow suit. You wish you were as attractive as those you see on social media. All your friends seem to have stuck to their diet plans while you struggle to maintain your current weight. It's like they don't even try and they can lose the weight. Meanwhile, you are here on Facebook for hours rather than working out like you planned. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow.


You feel anxiety the more you use social media. You feel pressured to update and post everything you are doing in order to stay relevant. You want others to notice you. So, you focus on taking the best pictures, saying the right things, posting the right videos so others will give you validation and praise. If you stay away from social media for too long, then others might not care what you say when you post something again. It will be like you don’t exist.


Social media does not have to give you so many challenges. You can sincerely enjoy your life and not feel plagued with comparing yourself to others. You can reduce your anxiety and depression by reducing the impact social media has on you. And don’t worry, you won’t lose all your friends in the process.


You don’t have to continue to isolate yourself with social media addiction. Counseling can help you find meaningful relationships that truly support and love you. You can find coping skills to manage anxiety and depression. You can find more confidence in yourself rather than feeling dependent on others for that validation. You can fully live and experience the real world around you rather than through a screen. You can find true fulfillment and joy in your life.


Give yourself permission to break free from problematic social media use. Your value is not dependent on a post. Call Jeremy to set up an appointment and start to free yourself from social media addiction.

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