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The Experience is a 5-day, 10-activity program for teens & young adults who play video games.

Each activity has been intentionally chosen to help teens become the best, strongest version of themselves.

"OP" is a term gamers use which means "overpowered." This experience will empower young adults be overpowered in the game of life.


Teens will experience teambuilding activities, high-ropes course challenges, and in-person games at Group Dynamix in Dallas.

group dynamics.jpg

Professional woodworkers will help the teens build their own gaming headset stand from scratch which they will be able to take home!

Teens will learn the basics of cooking from a professional chef! They will learn things like knife skills, grilling, and sautéing.

Image by Victor Freitas

Personal Training

A personal trainer will teach the young men how to properly work out through the D1 training facility.


Teens will get the chance to take their online skills of playing Call of Duty into real life through paintball! 

Paintball Players
Image by Albert Dehon

Axe Throwing

How often do young adults get to through axes and shuriken's?! They get to in this week of excitement and adventure. 

Equine Therapy

Teens will work on building confidence, empathy, self-regulation, and social skills through equine therapy.

Three Horses
Image by Greysen Johnson

Fly Fishing

Teens will learn the basics of fly fishing and put their skills to the test in a stocked pond.

Nature Walk

Participants will learn the value of nature as we take a mindfulness-guided walk through the forest. 

Woman Walking in Forest
national gaming museum.jpg

National Videogame Museum

Our final day will consist of teens learning about the history of video games at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco. And they'll get to play some old-school arcade games.

No more using your phone to wake up.

Teens get an old fashioned alarm clock with the program!

alarm clock.jpg

Summer 2023 Dates:   
June 19th - 23rd


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Day 1:
Group Dynamix

Day 2:
Woodworking, Paintball, &
Axe Throwing